About us

Scientika is a team of young people commited to solving problems to create value in society.

Our experience in multiple projects of different nature has allowed us to forge a problem-solving capacity in a non-traditional way. Through our young and multidisciplinary team, we have formed complementary visions that trace solutions in an assertive way.


Our mission is to develop both physical and virtual platforms that allow the conceptualization and materialization of projects in an ethical, honest, and integral way for the creation of high added value in humanity.


Our vision is to consolidate ourselves as a platform for the incubation of young international talent, in order to form ethical, honest and committed decision makers, who push for a humane vision for the world.

At Scientika, we believe in generating value in a global society by through clear ideas, accurate implementation and effective dissemination.

Work methodology

Our work methodology covers a wide spectrum: the approach of an idea, the development of clear concepts and the translation of these through a language with great impact.


Building an ideological platform

The focus and clarity of ideas are the cornerstones to achieve success of any objective.


Landing ideas in concrete projects

Anchoring projects to reality and understanding their opportunities and limitations, increases the possibility of success.


Effective design and communication

Based on lucid and coherent design to transmit and translate into forms the ideas that support the projects.

Our team

Since 2009 we have participated in different projects for the public and private sector, the academia and civil society. We are a small team that shares as core values: honesty, strategy and efficiency.