We turn ideas

into projects

Scientika is a team of young people compromised with solving issues that add value to society.

Work methodology

Our work methodology’s wide-spectrum covers: proposing an idea, developing a well-rounded concept and translating these using a high impact language.


Building an ideological platform

The focus and clarity of ideas are the cornerstones for reaching successfully any objective.


Grounding ideas in concrete projects

Pairing projects to reality by understanding opportunities and limitations increases the chances of success.


Eficient design and comunication

A lucid and coherent design is the basis for transmitting and translating the ideas underlying the projects into forms.


Let’s protect our airport

Let’s protect our airport

(Protejamos Nuestro Aeropuerto) A book that presents the strategy, actions, and results of the “Let’s Protect Our Airport” program, which ...

Our team

Since 2009 we have participated in different projects for the public and the private sectors, the academia and the civil society. We are a small team that share as core values: honesty, strategic thinking and efficacy.